In this course...

you will create a solid foundation for yourself to begin to understand the beautiful world of traditional Tāntra.

  • Learn different meditation postures that allow & maximize the flow of Kundalini

  • The traditional & respectful use of a māla

  • The Tāntrik understanding of Moon Time. How to honour & make the most of this sacred time.

  • Learn about the Tāntrik tool of asan (meditation mat). Understand it's traditional use and power.

  • Learn how to properly chant māntra to effectively influence your energy system.

  • Begin your practice with a māntra, with the blessings of the Shivoham lineage

  • Practice with downloadable recording of māntra recitation to support your practice

  • Learn how to continue and deepn your Tāntrik practice

"This course is crucial to establishing a powerful māntra practice."

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    • Welcome to the Course!

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    • Tantrā & Māntra

    • How to Chant Māntra & Māntra Use

    • Tāntrik Dīkṣā

    • Tāntrik Āsana

    • Tāntrik Mālā

    • Contraindications

    • Ucchiṣṭa-cāṇḍālinī

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    • Tantrik Festivals

    • Dakṣiṇa

    • FAQ

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    • Online Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

    • 200-hour Teacher Trainings with Anuttara

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Enrich your understanding and deepen your practice

Meet the Teachers


Bhairav Thomas English

Bhairav, also known as Thomas is the founder and owner of Anuttara Ashram and co-founder of Anuttara Yoga. He has been working steadily, persistently and vigilantly at creating a space of peacefulness and solitude for the awakening of love in it's most practical form, in the act of giving. Bhairav is a wacky, fun-loving, and rather humouristic yogi-- seemingly skilled in more than just yoga, and meditation. He is known on any random day at the ashram to be teaching yoga, giving a class on the chakra-s, and leading the karma yoga team. Along with this he is known to work on plumbing, electrical, building, & collecting and splitting firewood. He has been practicing Yoga and Tantra since 1999. First, under the direct guidance of Swami Vivekananda Saraswati in India, and later in 2009 he met Guruji Raj Kumar of the right-handed path of traditional tantra of India with MahaTantra, and 3 months later he met with Prem Baba of Brazil, under the Saccha Lineage located in Rishikesh India. Learn more about Bhairav at:


Artemis Emily Doyle

Artemis Emily Doyle is a goof and dog-mother of two Karelian bear dogs. She walks through the world heart first. Artemis has been practicing yoga and meditation for over a decade. Her practice grows with her beyond the mat and beautifully flowers in her teachings and sharings. Artemis was first introduced to meditation by a Buddhist Nun when she was around the age of 8. Through the interpretation of a child, Artemis practiced meditation by staring at a collage of photos she had ripped out of a National Geographic (her alter) for a few minutes each evening before doing her evening prayers and going to bed. In 2008, Artemis found a book on Yoga and began to teach herself Asana. Before ever taking a formal Yoga Class Artemis started teaching in 2010. In 2013, she was formally certified. ​Learn more about Artemis at:


  • Why do I have to take this course before doing a Tāntrik process with Anuttara?

    In the course, we'll answer any questions you may have about the technicalities of a Tāntrik māntra practice. By taking this course first, you are setting yourself up for a deeper, and more authentic connection with the practice and lineage.

  • Why is this course free?

    We hope to share the gifts of traditional Tāntra widely and empower all those who are dedicated to continue with a māntra practice of their own.

  • When can I start? How long will I have to complete the content?

    This course is completely on-demand. Start whenever you like and you will have access to the material indefinitely.