Shakta Tantra Module

“Foundations of an Ancient Spiritual Practice”

Explore the power of the feminine through the ancient spiritual path of Shakta Tantra. Embodied practices are woven with in-depth lectures to give you a visceral experience of this ancient spiritual science.


Tantra Module

Discover the foundations of an ancient spiritual practice.

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    Welcome to the course!

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    Meet the Facilitators

    • Meet Artemis Emily Doyle

    • Meet Alisha Flecky

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    • What is Traditional Tantra?

    • Shiva/Shakti

    • What is Shakta Tantra?

    • Forms of the Goddess

    • Uchista Chandalini

    • Feminine Sacred Sites

    • The Guna-s

    • Shivoham Tantra & Guruji Maharaj Kumar