Earth Body Wisdom

Connect with the Sacred Feminine

We can start healing our relationship to our bodies by healing our relationship to the earth. The earth is rich in hidden wisdom and deep nourishment for our souls. By reconnecting to ancient mother Goddess worshipping historical roots, we can begin to activate the Divine Feminine codes within us, beyond colonialism & patriarchy. Through embodiment practices and self-reflection exercises, we explore divine feminine spirituality, how to work with emotions, reconnecting to nature, sacred sexuality, and more.


Begins January 28, 2021

Earth Body Module

Your Body & the Earth are not Separate.

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    Welcome to the Course

    • How to use this course

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    Meet the Facilitators

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    • History of Feminine Spirituality

    • Feminine Body

    • Eco-Feminism

    • Eco-Tantra

    • Forest Bathing

    • Soma Body

    • The Body & Perception - (Power Body)

    • Kashmir Shaivism / Tantric Approach to Emotions

    • Sacred Sexuality

    • Radical Ancestry

    • The Rising Feminine